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Inspirational Yet Challenging. A Month of Crazy Hot Houston

It's officially a month into Crazy Hot Houston! Here is a look into what I wish I knew, what I know now (so far), and a little new and exciting personal news.

  • Content creation is incredibly time-consuming, and there is always something that needs to be worked on. Between managing multiple social media accounts, the blog, and everything in between, there are countless go into consistent content creating. Ideas take up every inch of brain space some days and some days I'm idealess. Research into a thing you never thought to research before starting a blog such as high traffic keywords, SEO strategies, monetization.. (lengthy sigh). Thankfully when there is passion, spending time doesn't feel like spending time.

  • Consistency is the hardest part. I found myself struggling to fit this into my already lengthy list of obligations, but I wanted Crazy Hot Houston to succeed so badly that I instinctively pushed my personal goals further than I would have without the website. Having this platform allowed me to make new friends and connections and express myself in a way I haven't felt the opportunity to do so before. Seeing its growth and how it's able to connect me to people through our individuality is the most rewarding part.

  • Finally, a peek into my personal life. The biggest goal I have for myself is to learn how to take advantage of such a limitless world we live in. I landed my first contracted freelance job for a blog featured in Forbes, NBC, USA Today, and other notable platforms. I. never would have listed freelance work as a goal, but I knew my goal was to push myself outside the box that I created for myself. I feel incredibly thankful, and I cannot wait to continue to bring you all on this journey with me.


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