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Filmfoot - Exclusive Look Behind The Lighthearted Moments of Today's Media Personalities

Houston-based photographer, Abiel Esau "AB" Garcia, touches on using photography to capture memories and connections among friends, colleagues, and household names.

Starting in 2014, Houston-based photographer, Abiel Esau Garcia, or "AB", began exploring capturing moments with friends using his iPhone 6+. Unbeknownst to him, it would be the beginning of passion and opportunities that brought us intimate moments between friends and household names such as Drake, The Clermont Twins, Druski, and Houston's own Travis Scott.

When asked about how his style of photography reflects his personality, he describes it as "Unity. I love to communicate through my photos the moments and the connections I had with a subject or group. Being humble and making everyone feel happy and comfortable while capturing our history." Because of this, we have shots of moments that evoke feelings of joy, intimacy. familiarity, and closeness.

Included in some of his recent work are shots from Travis Scott's 2021 Astroworld Fest. Previously, Astroworld Fest 2019 was AB's first music festival and a moment where he felt his goals and dreams aligned with his waking life. "I had captured so many artists and personalities behind the scenes in one day, and I hit every picture on the nose," he says. "I was so happy to share my experience with the world through my photos and let others know that this was possible. It was a moment I had to share with my family once I got home. I was proud of myself. So much has happened since then, but I recall that being a lot for me then."

Along with Astroworld Fest, AB participated in capturing Druski's transition to the big stage on J. Cole and 21 Savage's The Off-Season Tour. "Tour was a blessing and lessons. I’m very glad Druski called me on to be a part of his team to document his transition to the big stage for this tour. It was a ton of laughs, but at certain points, you do miss home, and I’m sure everyone does... Still have a huge project on standby with Druski from this tour. J Cole, 21 Savage, Morray are great people, and everyone else who showed up from night to night to show their respect was too."

AB's photography has a way of capturing a moment and allowing viewers to feel the energy in the room. We are able to empathize with the fellowship exhibited in these shots, and because moments and feelings like these are so unique, having them captured by film allows these special moments to live forever. When asked about advice he would give to individuals pursuing their goals, he urges creatives to " Continue on even when you hit what seems like then end of your drive. Consistency has always been key. If you feel burnt out just let this go for a while and focus on your happiness then come back in and attack your every move strategically. Consistency, happiness, and drive. Make this fun for yourself. You want to enjoy making work."

Check out Abiel's work on his website,, and IG @filmfoot.

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