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@EricEatsHTX - The #1 Platform for All Your Culinary Needs

Eric Davis, also known as @EricEatsHTX, is the best platform to find honest and reliable takes on Greater Houston's food scene. Born in New Orleans and long residing in Houston, Eric gives us reviews on local restaurants that my fellow foodies need to see. Check out this interview below to find out more about him.

So what made you want to share your restaurant experiences on social media, and what does your platform say about you?

I always wanted to travel around and show off food ever since I was young. It was always a dream for me. I always used to watch a lot of food travel shows or just food shows in general, and it just always inspired me.

My platform says exactly what I wanted to be. A nice wise platform to help small businesses, get the business it deserves.

Other than food blogging, what are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

Ima big sports, space, and history nerd. I’m very big on learning about the past. Read and watch a lot of videos and articles on the past. I’m also a big movie person. I enjoy going to the movies by myself. Something most people don’t do but I get enjoyment out of it.

What are some changes you have seen in Houston’s restaurant scene over the years? Some things you like and/or dislike?

I have been doing the blogging so far for 3 1/2 years, and I gotta say Houston has blown up big time with the food. Houston has always been diverse with food, but I feel like the past couple of years has just went x10, especially with so many food trucks, restaurants, & bars opening. Even with fast food places that are famous in other states coming to Houston.

Likes: Diverseness of food, that you can find food in every part of the city, also love the amount of black-owned businesses that are opening.

Dislikes: The number of places with bad service, a lot of places having hookah, too many copycats, too many good-looking restaurants with okay to bad food.

What are some things you hope to see change in the future when it comes to your experiences at local restaurants? If not, what are your favorite restaurants so far?

I wouldn’t change much as of now. I do see things getting better. Taking its time but it’s getting there.

Favorite Restaurant/Food Trucks:

This platform is one of our favorites because along with it covering restaurants all across the Houston area, it gives us unbiased opinions on all of the experiences from the quality of food to the service, and it features local restaurants that we may or may not be privy to before we see him post.

If you aren't already, make sure to follow Eric on Instagram and Twitter @EricEatsHTX.


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