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Relieve Stress and Reinvest in Our Community at Local Bookstore

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

This bookstore located in Houston's Third Ward offers an inviting environment for bookworms to gather and indulge in diverse, original stories and products from individuals within the black community.

Kindred Stories, an intimate bookstore located at 2304 Stuart Street Houston, TX 77004, is a place where intellectuals of all ages can come and nourish their inner bookworm. With a modern environment and welcoming staff, this store displays the workings of brown and black individuals ranging from books to candles. Everything you need for a relaxing evening of self-care and becoming immersed in a world inside of the stories.

According to their Our Story page, Kindred Stories is dedicated to "Amplifying Black Voices" and because their products cater to all age groups, it is a perfect place to bring your little ones to find representation in stories and picture books that reflect their lives. Take a moment to check this store out and feel confident in reinvesting dollars back into our community.

IG: (image above from Kindred Stories IG)


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