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A Houston R&B/Soul Artist Your Playlist Needs

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Click the image below which is linked to the November 2021 EP Growing Pains.

Dedicated (again) to all my lovers this week, Jastin Martin is an Indie/R&B/Soul artist that brings ethereal energy into her newest EP titled Growing Pains. This project touches on the feelings we experience in young romance, learning our passions in life, adjusting to the changes during and after a blooming relationship, and the desire for a reunion we feel when we are apart from our special someone.

A 21-year-old talent, Jastin writes, records, masters, and mixes her music. Crazy Hot Houston was created as a platform to highlight the artistry in Houston's brands and businesses, and as a creative, Jastin Martin showcases her talent in a way that is meant to be appreciated in the city and beyond.


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